From small mopeds to high-speed sports bikes, motorcycles are a diverse group of vehicles, you can see delivery riders and commuters riding scooters in the city everywhere, and dirt bikes climb the mountain with speed to enjoy the world.

According to the statistics, The global Sales volume of motorcycles in 2023 reached 62.5 million units, including mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, and underbones.

  1. Honda  18.4 million  +4.3%
  2. Hero Motor   5.6 million  +5.4%
  3. Yamaha   4.6 million  +0.9%
  4. Bajaj Auto   3.6 million  +8.7%
  5. TVS Motor   3.4 million  +19.8%
  6. Yadea   2.5 million EVs  -49.7%
  7. Suzuki  1.9 million  +7.1%
  8. Haojue
  9. Loncin
  10. Zongshen       

From the data, the Japanese motorcycle factory Honda has been the sales champion for the last 50 years in the world without surprise. The Super Star Products “Super Cub”, achieved leading sales of 100 million in the past few years.

In the top ten list, there are 3 motorcycle factories in Japan, 4 motorcycle factories in China, and the rest 2 motorcycle factories in India.

The motorcycle factory, Yedea, the EV motorcycle leader in China, it reported a 49.7% fall from the last year.