Spanish Motorcycle Market maintains strong momentum, with April sales reaching 20,355, a 20.6% increase. Year-to-date figures stand at 68,435, up by 8.4%.

The Spanish motorcycle market continues to be the fifth largest in Europe, following Turkey, Italy, France, and Germany, and is one of the fastest-growing.

Sales surged by 12.4% in 2023, hitting 217,456, the highest level in 15 years and the third consecutive year of growth, driven by strong consumer demand.

In 2024, the market was expected to slow down due to economic headwinds. However, the first quarter data showed a 4.0% increase with 48,080 sales, which was encouraging. In April, the market experienced a significant uptick of 20.6% with 20,355 sales, bringing the year-to-date figures up to 68,435, an 8.4% increase.

The motorcycles segment drove the growth (+15.3%), particularly strong in the 751-1000cc class (+16%). Even the scooter segment showed positive growth (+3.0%), although electric demand was weak (-33.3%) against all expectations.

About the motorcycle manufacturer, Honda was still on top with sales up 2.2%.

Yamaha secured second place with rapid growth (+42.7%), driven by NMAX125 (+162%) and MT-07 (+102.5%).

In third place, Kymco showed a 3.8% increase, putting it ahead of BMW with a 1.6% increase, Piaggio with a 19% decrease, SYM with a 0.3% decrease, Kawasaki with a 24.5% increase, and Zontes with a 22.5% increase.