• Motor: DC permanent synchronous motor, 3000W/80v40Ah
  • Rated speed: 3000-6000rpm
  • Torque to the rear wheel:1200nm
  • Gear: International 4 gears
  • Battery: 481 ordnance-factory lithium battery, 40Ah
  • Controller: APT72400
  • Max. speed: 120KM/H
  • Rim: Aluminium alloy, front 21*1.60, rear 18*2.1
  • Dirt tires: front 80-100/21, rear 110-100/18
  • Road tires: front 110-70/17, rear 140-70/17
  • Light: LED
  • Min. Ground clearance: 370mm
  • Seat height: 860mm
  • Wheel base: 1300mm
  • Dimension : 2000*800*970mm
  • Color: Green/Grey

An adult, powerful and serious dirt bike for conquering off-road andsolving many problems! It has un

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Mastering the maximum riding skills with a very short time cost is the riding aesthetics advocated by EAGLE

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The first thing that strikes this electric motorcycle is the absence of noise. Dynamics, 9K – vivalent to a gasoline engine with a volume of 125-150 “cubes”, will not disturb others and willallow you to relax behind the wheel. Listen to the birds singing and the rustling of leaves in-stead of shooting from the silencer! You can also forget other problems like vibrations, smoke and smell.

By choosing one of the two modes of engine operation, the pilot himself decides whether todrive calmly or pile on everything, raising the rear wheel of the motorcycle and grinding thesurface in controlled skids! The adventure character is complemented by a real 4-speedtransmission with a multi-plate clutch in an oil bath.

Thanks to the gear box in 4 steps, Eagle can stunt in first gear on a 3 kilowatt engine, and accelerate up to 120 km / h in 4th! Also, due to the gear box, it retains the classic controlsystem, clutch on the left handle, foot brake and gearshift pad on the left leg.

Forget about changing oil, consumables and buying spare parts – all this is in the past! Timethat used to be required for repair and maintenance can be spent on trips, because thepower reserve is enough to cover 80 kilometers in combat mode! Eagle will save not onlytime, but also money.

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Vector sine wave controller
It is specially designed for motor applications in the power range of 3KW~4KW. Focus on smaller size and easy-to-install structure. lt is flexibly suitable for permanent magnet motor systems that require precise torque control.such as electric motorcycles, AGVs, electric boats, andindustries.
Based on 32-bit ARM platform, the system efficiency is high. Can be air-cooled, water-cooled expansion. At the same time, it has CANBUS, 485, 232 and other communication interfaces.

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Fully adjustable high performance custom inverted front shock: It is specially customized for EAGLE, with alength of 780mm, a diameter of 37mm, an effective shock absorber stroke of 200mm, andmulti-stage adjustable rebound damping.

Rear shock: Multi-bar central airbag monocular shock absorber, length 300mm, effective shock absorber stroke 62mm

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Rear suspension system: External airbag structure, both resistance and rebound are adjustable. The appearance of the suspension system is integrated with the body structure. After the shock filter performance is upgraded, the tires can always maintain the best grip.

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CSSC China Power Lithium Battery: With a safe and efficient battery management module, the 93V40AH battery pack is guaranteed to have ample power and stability.

Weight: 23KG. Quick disassembly function anytime & anywhere. Can be charged using household electricity, fast charge function (0-80%): 2 hours.

Technical Description

Motor styleDC permanent synchronous motor
Rated power3000W
VoltageVoltage display instead of electric quantity/80v40a
Non-load current4.2-7.8a
Rated speed3000-6000rpm
Torque to the rear wheel1200nm
Rated current50/42/36a
Motor efficiency90%
Primary ratio2:01
Gear ratio3.27:1;1.94:1;1.35:1;1.04:1
Motor phase angle120°
Gearlnternational gear shift
Clutch typeManual clucth
Net weight of battery17kg
Battery capacity40A
Max.cruising speed80KM
Brake modefront/rear disc brake
Drive modeChain drive
RimAluminium alloy, front 21*1.60, rear 18*2.1
TyreDirt tyres: front 80-100/21, rear 110-100/18Road tyres: front 110-70/17, rear 140-70/17
Ground clearance370mm
Seat height860mm
Wheel base1300mm
Loading quantity40HQ/105sets,20GPl32sets